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Steven Moreno is a composer/guitarist with a background in metal and classical music. Steven specializes in amplification of instruments and strives for a loud and abrasive sound world. Steven is fluent in various music technology softwares such as, Max/MSP, Logic, Pro Tools, Sibelius, Finale, Audacity, and Garageband. He is currently perusing his master’s degree in music composition at Boston Conservatory. At Boston Conservatory he has studied music composition with Curtis Hughes and Jonathan Bailey Holland. Additionally he studied microtonal guitar with David Fiuczynski at Berklee College of Music. During his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University, Steven worked closely with the ensemble, Split the Lark. 


Steven helped to oversee Split the Lark’s student rehearsals as well as organize concerts and outreach programs. Steven has had works performed by Split the Lark at venues such as Zimmerli Art Museum in New Brunswick, NJ and Le Poisson Rouge in New York City. Recently, Steven worked with the Boston-based duo, Transient Canvas during their residency at the Alba Music Festival in Alba, Italy. After returning to the United States, Steven was awarded the Ben Johnston Microtonal Scholarship at Boston Conservatory.

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